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Happy Black History Month

Black history is world history. This month is the time to honor and uplift the accomplishments of many of our profound black leaders and activist that paved the path for many of us today! As a collective of beautiful souls, we can work together each day to build brighter futures for everyone 💙

It happened, now get up💯

Some things happen to us that are fully out of our control. These situations may bring some smiles, while others may bring heartbreak and some tears. One thing that we must remember is God is always on the throne ready to turn those frowns in smiles and take all of our pain away.

In light of some events that took place in my own life this week, I internally gave up, but Faith brought me back to center. I cannot fold on myself now and giving up is never an option! But I must always remember to walk by Faith and not by sight💙

Always remember God will always restore in you what the enemy stole💙 You are the head and not the tail💙

Never fold on yourself ✊🏽

“ Play the hell out of the cards that you’ve been dealt!” ♠️♠️

Even in our weakest moments of life, we must always keep in mind that our struggles may seem big because our blessings are even bigger. Life is unpredictable, but God has a way of always intervening and working things out in our favor; even when we have given up or lost hope and faith in things.

A wise person once told me “ Don’t fold under pressure, but apply it.” Something that sounded so foolish to me in my adolescent days has continued to make sense to me in my adult years. When the chips seem down and as if life isn’t worth another breath, those are the moments I pan things together and apply more pressure to be better. More pressure to be healthy, full and complete 💙 No one ever said the road would be easy, but I have learned we don’t have to make it harder on ourselves.

It’s always been Gods grace that has allowed me to see another day opposed to walking away from life. It’s always been Gods grace that has allowed me to continue showing up for myself every day opposed to depending on others to show up for me. As easy as it appears to get wrapped up into our own conscience way of thinking, we must always remember that our thoughts create our reality and we always owe it to ourselves to never fold. No matter what!!

“ Don’t let the hard days win!” 💎💎

Those hard days that may appear to break us are the moments we find our true strength and all we’re made of 💯 Don’t fold on yourself because your almost there!! Keep going because their is always a brighter light at the end of the tunnel 💙